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Our label leather has been engineered to meet strict performance standards. Genuine Leather is a luxurious material option that evokes premium craftsmanship. It ages incredibly well and is incredibly versatile.

We have strong relationships with some of the world's top tanneries, who supply a variety of finishes including Full-Grain, Buffed Nubuck, and Pull-Up Leather. In addition, we are members of the Leather Working Group, and have strict environmental requirements for our suppliers.

Each season, our global sourcing team aims to showcase trims that make use of highly innovative materials. The materials are developed by way of upcycling natural inputs that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Our textured paper is a unique paper material with a leather-like look. It withstands industrial washes, passes needle detectors, and does not tear.

Textured Paper is excellent for printing, it can accommodate lots of detail and easily matches Pantone Colors. Jacron paper can also be embossed. All pulp is sourced from FSC Certified Sources.

We carry a wide variety of Vegan Leathers, which are a lower-cost alternative to Traditional Leather. The Vegan Leathers we offer are a combination of textile, and polyurethane as a binder.

Our Vegan Leather is more lightweight and flexible than our Genuine Leather, which are great characteristics for certain product lines.

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